How much you can get from Fleetwood Class A RVs?


Thanks to RV Buyers’ cash offer, you will be relieved of the financial burden associated with your RV or motor home. Our company’s economic team has extensive industry knowledge and can help to make the transaction straightforward, equitable, and satisfying. We buy from private sellers all over the country as a significant portion of our business, and the transaction will be funded by bank wire transfer or through a local bank in your area where we have a local presence. If you want to sell your RV quickly and painlessly, we can assist you.

Features of Fleetwood:

Families going back many generations have confidence in the Fleetwood brand. The quality, dependability, and innovation of Fleetwood are highly regarded by industry professionals. Fleetwood uses cutting-edge technology, starting with its cutting-edge chassis: the Fleetwood Freedom Bridge® Freightliner XCM® chassis for diesel RVs and the Fleetwood Power Platform® Ford® chassis for gas motorhomes. This allows them to produce these top-of-the-line products and construct them. The most opulent motor homes on the market are made by Fleetwood RV, a global leader in the production of luxury motor homes. Here are a few Fleetwoods that highlight the best qualities of the top Fleetwood RV manufacturers.




RV Buyer is ready to assist you in selling your Fleetwood Class A RV, thanks to its many years of experience. Please rest assured that we will pay you handsomely without engaging in fraud or violating your privacy. Call us at 713-201-7285. To learn more about Fleetwood RV, or their line of luxury motorhomes, contact the RV experts at RV Buyers. You can also mail us at sales@rvbuyers.com.


Fleetwood Class A RV is a well-known name in the recreational vehicle industry and one of the top manufacturers in the world. It is one of the sector’s biggest and most well-known distribution networks, with brands like Discovery, Bounder, and Boat World. Its distribution network is among the most famous and recognizable in the sector. The corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities of Fleetwood RV are located in Decatur, Indiana.

Customer satisfaction!

To ensure your experience is enjoyable, we at RV Buyer take great pride in offering outstanding customer service. Our most important benefit is that we provide you with the best price for your RV. As a result, we expect that our devoted clients will give us favourable reviews of our services.  

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