How often should your RV be inspected?


Before making a decision and whenever you believe the RV would be a good fit for you, you should have it inspected. You must arrange for an RV inspection after you have reduced your options. You shouldn’t let an RV vendor or salesman persuade you out of taking this action. Don’t pay attention to threats or statements that the rig won’t be accessible until it will be sold before the inspection can be done. Here are some instances of justifications or remarks made under pressure:

  • At our facility, no one is able to enter the storage space.
  • After we had it checked, there was no issue with it.
  • We might do the inspection on your behalf.
  • You must pay a nonrefundable deposit before we may dispatch an inspection.
  • You are not permitted to hire an inspector before making the purchase.

All of them are incorrect, and some of them are prohibited. Your excessive investment may have been caused by a price that is so alluring that you are unable to resist purchasing one RV. When an RV inspection is advised against, you need to leave. When this occurs, you know it may not be a good offer.


RV inspectors in your region may be discovered using the NRVIA’s search engine. If none are mentioned, you may instead hire a mobile RV inspection. An RV inspection may cost between $300 and more than $1,000 and Schedule the inspector, if you’ve selected one, at the time and day you’ve determined with the seller or dealer. Additionally, the RV inspector should have access to everything he needs for testing, including full tanks, power, etc. Before the test starts, you will be informed of the requirements for the RV inspection.

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