How RV Toilet Paper Differs from Regular Toilet Paper?



Regular toilet paper vs. RV toilet paper:

As compared to regular toilet paper, RV toilet paper has the following differences:

  • Cost: Specifically labelled RV toilet paper generally costs more than regular toilet paper.
  • Comfort: Unlike other kinds of toilet paper, RV toilet paper typically has a coarse texture.
  • Quantity: When you buy it at the same price as regular toilet paper, you usually receive less paper.

Toilet paper specifically marketed for RVs and septic tanks dissolves quickly, so they can be used in RVs and septic tanks. The RV toilet paper is less expensive, more convenient, and more comfortable, but it does not dissolve as quickly. RV toilet paper typically costs more, since it’s thin and has a one-ply construction; therefore, you’ll be using it sooner because it runs out sooner:

  • As RV toilet paper is of low quality and quantity, you will need to buy more early on in your trip, which will be more expensive.
  • The prices of some regular toilet paper brands are lower, the quality is higher, and they offer more RV holding tank products.

If The toilet paper test can be used to verify that the toilet paper you choose for your RV holding tank does not fall short of high standards.

Toilet Paper Test

Let’s conduct some scientific experiments. Try this simple test before you buy toilet paper for your RV.

  1. A half-full jar of water is ideal.
  2. Pick two squares of toilet paper to fill the container.
  3. A few brisk shakes of the lid will do.
  • It is best to use this brand if your toilet paper breaks into tiny pieces.
  • Consider RV Digest-it if your waste does not dissolve well or breaks up into several large chunks.

Shaking the jar for a few seconds will improve the accuracy of this test. Almost all types of paper can be dissolved when shaken long enough. It will quickly break down when shaken for a few seconds despite jostling.

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