How RVs are adapting to EV towing?


RV manufacturers want to increase electric trucks’ range. Since we’re discussing predictions and plans, we’ll explain. We’ll also showcase the first Class E motorhome and discuss future plans.


RVs can’t go far. Refills take 5-10 minutes, but may take 30 if the family goes inside for the toilet, food, and 1980s arcade games. Today’s RVs can’t have a 1945-1970s attitude. A RV manufacturer executive can’t wait for autos to adapt. A RV manufacturer executive can’t wait for autos to adapt. The 1973 Oil Crisis showed RV manufacturers how closely they’re tied to automakers. Second battery bays are a common RV industry innovation. The main bay will meet Coach’s electrical demands. Brake and DOT light umbilical connections will power the second bay’s EV truck.

This supplementary power source may also use the RV’s solar panels. Even while solar charging isn’t ideal for EV vehicles, it might be the difference between boondocking and making it to the next charging station.


Camping World was Lordstown Motors’ initial partner. Camping World plans a class E motorhome.

Class E RVs are van-based. The battery area contains engine and coach batteries. Before current challenges, Lordstown discussed the proposal philosophically. Motorhomes have slideouts. 2011 Roadtrek SS Ideal slideouts or Pleasure-Way Tofino roof extensions are examples. Lordstown will prioritise this Class E motorhome once the Endurance is in production. We’re anxious to see the first renderings despite no release date.


The Lordstown and Class E aren’t the first. The Germans won. Iridium E-Mobil 70 EB arrives. It’s in production, but not for America. It’s too tiny for U.S. and Canadian roadways. Winnebago Solis Pocket can disagree. Iveco’s 2017 concept RV was a Class C clad with solar panels. 124 miles per charge. RVs’ “eclectic” look attracted the globe. On the Fiat Mooveo, 30 B+ units were constructed.

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