How to Build a Vertical RV Kayak Rack?



Most RVers prefer vertical kayak racks because they can conveniently store their kayaks in the back of their vehicles.

1. Build a Platform Base

Creating the platform base for your vertical kayak rack will be the first step in building it. Your RV and kayak(s) will need a platform that is welded to fit the size of your RV. Make sure there is enough room on the platform if you want to transport more than one kayak. Ideally, the base should be cut to fit your kayak’s tail end using openings that are measured out. Transporting kayaks inside the platform base provides excellent security.

2. Mount Rails for Securing Kayaks

The kayaks can then be properly secured once the rack has been built with mount rails. Ensure that your kayaks are mounted with bottom and top rails. If you plan to mount rails on your kayaks, ensure that you measure them first so you can determine the height of the rails.

3. Add Secure Tie-Downs

You can secure the kayaks with tie-downs to ensure they are fully secure. Tie-downs can be chosen based on your preferences, but make sure you test them for quality first. Unless you already have a tie-down kit, I recommend going with one. I like to have the additional gear handy when I take my RV on trips because you primarily use the straps to secure the kayaks. It is always a good idea to have more options for security when it comes to kayaks and other camping gear.

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