How to Build an RV Kayak Roof Rack?



There are many types of RVs that can benefit from roof racks, and they are very practical and highly effective. Especially if your roof is not being used for other storage, this is an excellent way to transport kayaks. Considering the wind resistance your kayaks will face when riding on a roof rack, you want to design it safely. Put the design to the test before you make sure it is sturdy and stable.

1. Build a Steel or Aluminum Frame

Construction of a rooftop kayak rack begins with building the steel or aluminum frame. A frame suitable for the size of your RV and kayaks can be designed if you are comfortable welding and prefer using steel. Instead of welding, you can use aluminum beams instead if you do not want to do any welding. You will need a metal cutting saw to cut the aluminum beams to the right size, but they are much easier to maneuver and install.

2. Add Mounting Brackets

Secure the kayaks and rack with mounting brackets. According to your personal preferences, there are a number of different designs. You should make sure that the mounting brackets you choose are compatible with the frame size before you buy any mounting brackets.

3. Mount Securely to Roof

Fit the rack to your RV’s roof by drilling and installing mounting pads. Pads will protect your roof against scuffing from kayak movement and will give your kayaks better security.

4. Tighten All Bolt Holes

Ensure that all bolts supporting the rack are tightened before mounting it to your roof. Once the bolts have been finger-tightened, use a wrench to fully tighten them. Use washers if you have them to place between the bolts.

5. Add Tie-Downs

You will want to secure your kayak with some tie-downs once you have installed the roof rack and your kayak has been secured. With a tie-down kit, you can purchase straps that can be used to secure the kayak, much like the vertical rack. In order to prevent the kayaks from moving on the rack, the straps should be tightened.

6. Test the Rack

Given the constant wind resistance on a roof rack, I recommend you test every rack you intend to build thoroughly.

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