How to choose a full-time RV home base?


Having established the importance of a home address to the RV lifestyle, let’s consider how to find the ideal home base. When picking a residence, it is important to consider a variety of things. The following are some of the most crucial considerations.

Know your country of origin

Keep your primary residence in your native state if you are leaving behind property. If mail can still be delivered to your property, this is the most convenient way. Even if you need to locate a postal service in your home state, it may make sense to make your home state your permanent residence. When you stop travelling or want to spend a significant amount of time in a single state, this is very crucial.

Consider mail service choices.

Mail services provided in their state of residence may impact their choice of domicile. Popular in the RVing world are a variety of mailing services. Several of these businesses, including Escapees, Saint Brendan’s Isle, Anytime Mailbox, FMCA, and Dakota Post, provide postal services. You must weigh the advantages and drawbacks of each option before deciding which one to employ or if anything else would be preferable.

Know where you’re going.

If you will spend the most of your time in a state, you should establish residency there. A state to which you will annually return to visit your doctor and take care of other yearly responsibilities. Some RVers should establish themselves in a place where they often visit their families. In addition to making things simpler legally, this also facilitates yearly car inspections, jury duty, voting, driver’s licence renewal, and jury duty.

Consider taxes

Not every state levies an income tax. Moreover, variances in automobile taxes across states are typical. Before picking your RV’s home state, you may save money in the long run by considering these factors.

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