How to Convert a Cargo Platform to an RV Kayak Rack?



RV kayak racks can be built using a converted cargo platform. You can build this rack using second-hand parts, making it the least technical and most straightforward way to build a rack.

1. Find a Cargo or Luggage Platform

A cargo or luggage platform can be found for a decent price if you do not already have one. Nevertheless, if you want to save some money, you can purchase this item secondhand.

2. Extend the Base to the Body of the RV

To attach the cargo platform to your RV you need to extend the base to the body of the vehicle. Most RVs have an extension at the back of the underbody to make this process very simple. For more information regarding your RV’s specific make and model, you can refer to your owner’s manual.

3. Create Vertical Supports

When it comes to creating vertical supports, you have a few options. My recommendation is to use PVC pipe if you want to save money and keep the project truly DIY. A lot of RVers use PVC to build their racks because it can be cut and fitted together easily. It’s also possible to buy a fully-equipped kit instead of PVC if you prefer not to use it.

4. Add a Divider for Multiple Kayaks

A divider is necessary if you want to take more than one kayak with you on your trips. If you want to fit everything onto a cargo rack, you need to add dividers for each kayak.

5. Secure With Tie-Downs

It is important to fasten the kayak properly once the rack has been built so that there is no movement when you drive. A tie-down kit is a great investment, just like every rack design I’ve covered. You can use the straps to secure your kayaks.

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