How to find your RV battery disconnect switch?



Do you have an RV battery disconnect switch? Or do you know where to find one? A battery disconnect switch is usually located on the RV’s control panel. You will find RV controls here, such as tank meters, slide switches, and other RV controls. There should be a switch labeled “auxiliary battery,” “battery disconnect,” or something similar.


How to install an RV battery disconnect switch?

The RV battery disconnect switch is not available on all RVs. Whenever you need to disconnect the battery in your motorhome or trailer, just unplug it manually if you don’t have one. In addition, you can install a battery disconnect switch on your own. For those who plan to disconnect their batteries on a regular basis, this is both an affordable and relatively simple project.


Depending on whether you have a positive cable or a negative cable, you will need to run them to the switch. He then runs the same gauge wire from the switch to the battery using the positive side of the switch. As a beginner, you should be able to complete this process in just a few minutes. 


In conclusion, RV battery disconnect switches are very handy, but you must make sure you are educated about how to utilize them before using them. Once you’ve learned what the switch does and how to use it, you can get to work using it. You might want to consider installing one yourself if you don’t already have one!

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