How to get rid of rotten egg smell?



After you have turned off your water heater (gas or electric if applicable), allow it to cool. If you turn off the water pump and city water, you can release the pressure in the water heater by using the pressure relief valve. After opening the drain valve or removing the anode, drain the water heater.

The water heater can be used again as soon as the odor has been removed.

Close the drain valve or reinstall the anode. Prepare a solution of two parts vinegar and one part water in a clean bucket. There should be enough water in your water heater tank. The solution will be poured into your water heater. There are two common methods for transferring the solution into your water heater:

  1. After inserting the funnel into one end of the flexible plastic tubing, place the other end into the open pressure relief valve. The solution should be filled into the funnel in order to be able to flow into the heater.
  2. Transfer pumps are used to refill water heaters through the nearest hot water faucet.

Once the water heater is full of solution, turn it on. After the water heater has been filled with solution, close the relief valve. After switching on your water heater, you should let the solution sit for four to five hours. As RVers have agreed, turning on the water heater while it is filled with vinegar solution will help break down build-ups faster.

The water heater should be turned off and let cool if the solution has not worked after a few minutes. After cooling, the water heater tank should be drained and thoroughly flushed. RVers often use rinse wands to enhance their cleaning efforts. The last step is to replace the anode or drain plug and refill the system with fresh water.

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