How to get your RV ready to sell?



If you want to get the best price for your RV, you must handle it in a certain way. To be on the safe side, make sure you get the fair market value for your property!

Cleaning of RV

When a potential buyer sees a dirty, lived-in RV, he or she may have difficulty picturing themselves living or vacationing in it. It is best to wait until the rig has been fully detailed before showing it to potential buyers. Whether you decide to sell your RV to a dealer or not, cleaning it up will make you more money. Everything from the toilet in the bathroom to the storage area in the basement should be considered. By washing and waxing your rig, you will keep it clean and shiny. Keep your rubber roof clean by using a rubber roof cleaner. You should also clean and deodorize your freshwater tank.

Fix what needs fixing

Even with a lot of time spent in your RV, things break eventually. The finishing fixtures and screws in a new rig can go missing even if the rig is brand new. Before you put your RV on the market or give it to a dealer, make sure any problems are fixed. Call your RV manufacturer for assistance with parts or find a custom option that works with them. To save time and effort, you can have a dealership handle your repairs, but be aware you will have to lower the price they offer.

Check the mechanicals and systems

In addition to ensuring everything runs smoothly on the inside, it is also vital that everything looks good from an aesthetic standpoint. Ensure the motorhome is mechanically sound before selling it. If you’re selling an RV, think of it as a vehicle as well. At all times, monitor furnaces, air conditioners, water pumps, water heaters, pipes, and holding tanks.

Updating your software is essential

If you’ve upgraded your rig, make sure your asking price reflects that. Lithium batteries power our solar system, for example. Our private market price will include those items. Modifications and upgrades may not be accepted by a dealership if you are selling to one. If they do not want to consider the batteries and solar panels, we will remove them from the RV.

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