How to Paint RV Cabinets and Walls?



Regardless of whether you are painting RV cabinets or walls, the general procedure is as follows:

  • Plan your approach:

Select the colors you wish to paint and decide where they will be placed. Are you planning to paint the ceiling of your RV? Is it your intention to match the trim along the tops of your walls with the walls? Would you prefer to use a sprayer or a roller and brush? What is the expected completion date of your project? Ask yourself all these questions before going to the paint store.

  • Product selection:

The types of paint and primer that are best for your RV interior and cabinets depend on what you’ll be painting. It is necessary to use a different process on solid wood when compared to pressed wood that is covered with vinyl laminate.

  • Preparation:

During this process, you should remove any furniture and flooring, clean all surfaces you intend to paint, remove any cabinet hardware, and tape off or cover any surfaces you do not wish to paint.

  • Prime & sand:

Applying a good bonding primer before painting RV cabinets is the best way to guarantee good results. Solid wood should be sanded and laminated surfaces should be scuffed. Solid wood should be sanded first.

  • Painting itself:

The interior of your RV may need to be painted using a paint sprayer, or you may have to use rollers and paint brushes to paint sections of the interior.

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