How to prevent pests in your RV this winter?


Any one of these repellents will work after you’ve finished winterizing your RV, and you’ll be much more successful if you use two or all three. You should also take extra precautions to safeguard your RV against animals.

Hole covers and plugs

Pests cannot infiltrate a setup that is inaccessible to them. Therefore, it is always a good idea to make sure that any potential access sites are blocked or sealed up. Mice can squeeze through spaces as tiny as a cent. Cover vents with mesh and fill any gaps and openings with fibreglass for optimal security. When winterizing the equipment the next year, look for tight lids and plugs.

Never store food in an RV

Pests like RVs because they supply food, which makes them popular. Mice and rats have less incentives to enter if the food is removed. Removing all food is part of winterizing a rig. Foods in cans should also be taken out of the freezer since they can freeze and break.

Tidy up

Perform a thorough cleaning before putting your RV in storage. All furniture coverings and bedding should be taken off and cleaned. Clean the carpets, the flooring behind and under furniture, and the area beneath slides. Food fragments and crumbs conceal themselves in gaps and crevices, where they may attract uninvited visitors.

Put some strong lights below the rig.

Last but not least, many RVers have had success using bright LED lights to keep rats out from beneath their vehicles. Mice and rats dislike harsh lighting. They are less likely to search beneath your equipment for access points if it is well-lit. LED lights can be run by batteries, and they don’t heat the RV’s underside. It should be simple to install these lights.

Winterizing an RV necessitates insect control. By following a few straightforward techniques, keeping rats out of your RV is rather simple. You’ll have more time to go camping outside once spring arrives.

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