In which locations can motorhomes be driven?



You can drive your motorhome pretty much anywhere, but you should always use common sense when doing so. There are some limitations to the size of motorhomes in the UK, but even the largest ones are still quite large. The length of a large motorhome can be as long as 12 meters and the width can be as wide as 2.55 meters, so it will occupy a considerable amount of space. Make sure that you keep in mind that the bumpers and mirrors will extend beyond those dimensions, so be prepared to act quickly.


Hence, attempting to drive through an urban center during rush hour would not be a good idea. Having your holiday zen completely upended is the best way to guarantee it. What about parking in the town center? The thought of that would make anyone shiver.


Also bear in mind that motorhomes can be quite tall, and if it’s more than three metres high it must have signs to remind the driver of low urban bridges. It’s far better to keep a motorhome in the areas it’s most comfortable in – out in the countryside, or on the motorway on your way to being out in the countryside.


Even country roads can become crowded at times, especially during the summer, so it can be advisable to vary your travelling times in order to avoid the worst traffic conditions. It is a simple gesture of consideration to pull over where possible to allow other drivers to pass, even though everyone is entitled to drive on the road equally.

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