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There’s a good chance you know what RV skirting is and what benefits it offers. Winter camping can be miserable without RV skirting. Additionally, skirting your RV helps keep the inside cool in hotter months and shields it from the wind in windy conditions. Is inflatable RV skirting something you’re familiar with? If you own an Airstream, fifth wheel, travel trailer, or motorhome, an inflatable skirt by AirSkirts may just be your best and easiest option for skirting. Inflatable RV skirting: everything you need to know!

Why use inflatable RV skirting?

The underside of your RV is protected with inflatable RV skirting, which uses air-inflated tubes to seal off extreme temperatures, wind, and debris. Inflatable RV skirts are the most durable, innovative, and long-lasting RV skirting solutions available. PVC Tarpaulin is used to construct the tubes and it is heat welded for years of use. HC inflate/deflate valves are used to inflate and deflate the inflatables similar to military-grade inflatable watercrafts. Over-inflation is also prevented by a .7PSI pressure release valve.

Inflatable skirting tubes available in various sizes, ranging from 2-6 feet in length. Any camper can be fitted with tubes in a variety of ways. The tubes are equipped with welded D rings at both ends, so they can be attached to each other. Weighting only 4-13 pounds, tubes are easy to handle. Inflatable tire wedges and stair pillows work with inflatable tubes to keep your skirt tight and secure. Your rig will be protected from the elements when all components are used together!

Advantages of inflatable RV skirting:

RV skirting comes in a variety of styles and materials. Using foam board or vinyl as the material for a DIY skirt. Why is air skirting the best solution?

  • RV skirting does not require snaps or holes to be drilled into the side.
  • Energy-saving skirts that are more insulated than drape skirts.
  • Since inflatable skirting deflates in 20 minutes, it is ideal for short camping trips.
  • Storage-friendly and compact.
  • A DIY skirt takes days or even weeks to make.
  • A more affordable option than custom drape style skirts.
  • Even in high winds, tubes stay in place.
  • Your inflatable skirting will still work if you upgrade your RV.
  • Coolest camper at the RV park with a sleek design!

Who makes inflatable skirts?

RV skirts made by AirSkirts are inflatable. An RVer founded AirSkirts in 2020. The founder, Jim Phelan, understands the pain points of traditional skirting options and the need for quality RV skirts. AirSkirts’ mission is to provide RV living in varied and extreme climates the most reliable, cost-effective, and innovative solutions available. When you purchase an AirSkirts kit, it is guaranteed to fit your RV. You can return the item without hassle within five years of purchase. Inflatable skirts are guaranteed to make you happy!

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