Is camping in an RV still popular?


Strategy Titan distributed the market research report to the RV industry, the media, and influencers. Using all available data, RV sales for 2021 and 2022 were predicted.

Despite the fact that the report wasn’t meant for general consumption, it provided the business with enough knowledge to make decisions. Additionally, the data was utilised by bloggers and RV media to inform their investigations and observations.

In 2021, an enormous increase was seen. According to Go RVing, 430,412 RVs are anticipated to be sold in 2020. Between 567,000 and 587,400 jobs will be produced in 2021, the RVIA predicts. In 2022, the RV market will sell more than 550 000 units, however certain RV models will do better than others.

  • Although there will be some changes, RV sales will still rise in 2022.
  • The majority of RV categories will see a three to five percent decline in total sales. There will be certain RV kinds with sales increases of up to 8%, however. According to my understanding, fewer full-size trailers, fifth wheels, and Class A motorhomes will be sold in 2022, but customers are anticipated to make up for those lost units in the categories that are anticipated to increase at a comparable rate.
  • Among the numerous types of camping trailers we offer are teardrop campers and hardside pop-up campers.
  • The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter small-chassis type is the only saving grace for Class C motorhomes.

Like you, I was shocked when I saw park models. However, park models are a fantastic substitute for individuals who are a part of the small home movement.

I questioned how the report could make such wildly optimistic sales projections. Manufacturers have been hindered by Mother Nature and RV backlog upgrades, among other things. Experts predict that the backlog won’t start to significantly shrink until far into the 2023 camping season.

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