Is Drano compatible with RVs?



Many people overlook the use of Drano in RV plumbing until their systems become clogged. When first-time RVers encounter a blockage in their RV drain pipes, Drano is their go-to product. Pouring Drano down the drain of your RV is never recommended. The use of Dranos in RV plumbing systems is not recommended because they can damage them. Trying something else that is safe is the best course of action. It is essential to open any drains that are still clogged by a RV technician. The majority of RVers don’t know that drain cleaners exist until they start their trip.

You can find out why RV pipes should not be treated with Drano in this article. During your journey, you will discover alternatives that are safe.

For RV drains, here are four safe cleaners:

Are you having problems draining your RV? If you have clogged RV pipes, there are ways to unclog them.

1. Acid Base Solution

The use of baking soda or vinegar to unblock RV drains is an inexpensive and safe method. When vinegar and baking soda are combined, they produce a chemical reaction similar to one you would see at an elementary school science fair. This reaction generates a great deal of pressure that often dislodges blockages.

It is recommended that you pour half a cup of baking soda into the drain before attempting to unclog it. About 15-20 minutes after the mixture has been prepared, half a cup of white vinegar should be added. Once the drain has stopped bubbling, pour in about a half gallon of boiling water.

2. Boiling water

Boiling water can also be used to unclog RV drains. The use of hot water will speed up the breakdown of solids in your tanks and pipes. Flow a gallon or more of water down clogged drains at a time. This method can be repeated several times if the blockage does not dissolve after the first attempt. Plastic tanks and RV pipes may be damaged if you boil too much water. It’s best to try boiling water first, but if it doesn’t work, try another method.

3. Enzymes

Green Gobbler is a drain cleaner with enzymes that is recommended for RV drains. Oil and grease are broken down by this type of cleaner, so it will not cause damage to RV pipes. Additionally, enzyme-based cleaners reduce clogging and remove odors in addition to lowering pH levels.

4. Drainbo

RV and boat holding tanks can be treated biologically with Drainbo. By penetrating, breaking down, and digesting fats, biological waste, and detergents, it cleans and sanitizes an environment. Furthermore, you will be able to remove odors from your holding tanks by cleaning the sensors.

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