Is it possible to plug my RV into my dryer outlet?


‍‍It is possible to plug your RV into your dryer outlet at home if you want to charge it. The RV’s voltage and amperage requirements don’t match those of a dryer outlet, so don’t plug it directly into one. Your dryer’s output amps and volts can be converted to suit your RV’s needs through the use of power adapters.

‍ Motorhomes and dryers: why not connect yours?

Your RV’s amps and volts will not match the outlets in your home when you charge it, so keep this in mind when charging. Despite the fact that your dryer outlet may seem capable of charging your RV, plugging your RV into your dryer outlet can end up damaging your RV batteries and causing damage to your home’s electricity. It is possible to start a fire when you plug your RV into a dryer outlet. The damage caused by mismatched electrical connections can be much greater than that caused by mismatched water and sewer connections.

How can I charge my RV at home?

Charging an RV at home offers the convenience of being close to the RV, but there are more charging stations around the world for your RV.

Power Adapter With the use of a power adapter, RV power plugs can be easily connected to dryer outlets.


A power adapter can be used to connect an RV power plug to a dryer outlet. Power adapters are used in the home to plug in your dryer, while RVs use the other end of the adapters to plug in their 30-amp appliances.

  • If you have a larger RV, your dryer outlet might need to be adapted to 50 amps.
  • An RV plug with 30 amps has two slanted prongs that don’t connect to the ground.
  • There are three straight prongs on a 50 amp RV plug.

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