Is it Possible to Sell an RV With a Loan?



I’m sure you were excited about getting the keys to your RV when you first got it, but now you’re ready to sell it. No matter if you’re going to buy another RV or just sell your current RV without buying another, it’s important to know the details of selling an RV with a loan. If you are searching to sell your RV, do not worry if it has an existing loan. For those who wish to sell their RV quickly, we also offer financing on RVs.

Should I pay off my RV loan before selling it?

RV loans may not need to be repaid when you sell your RV to a dealership that deals with used RVs. We buy RVs and pay off existing loans when you sell them to RV Buyers. Any RV with a loan will be accepted by us! Your existing loan will be paid off as soon as we receive your RV. Prior to selling your RV, you may need to settle your existing RV loan. There are some RV buyers who will not handle existing financing, particularly true if you are selling to a private party. You will likely need to settle your existing loan yourself if you are consigning your RV or selling it privately. It is common for private buyers to require you to settle your existing loan in full before you list your RV for sale. 

When selling your RV, how should you proceed?

Most RV owners are aware of their fair market value but don’t know how to sell it, especially if they already have a loan or lien on their RV. You may have to pay off your RV loan yourself when selling to a private buyer. However, if you decide to sell your RV without repaying the loan, you have several options. Buying a used RV from a used RV dealer will enable you to offload your RV without paying back the loan. In addition to handling your loan, paperwork, payment, title work, and any other issues, dealers have the cash to make you a fair offer on your rig. If you’re looking to sell your RV on loan, contact our RV Buyers Team!

How to Get the Best RV Price?

It’s important that you don’t let an existing loan destroy the value of your used RV. Many individuals looking to sell their RV are affected by loans, warranties or other concerns that may affect the sale. At RV Buyers, we recognize that these considerations can impact the sale of an RV. You can count on us to handle the entire process for you, so you can sell your RV quickly and easily. We can help you get the best price for your RV with a loan! 


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