Is RV consignment a good idea?



There are a variety of reasons why people sell their RVs on consignment. A hassle like selling the RV might have put them off. It may also be difficult for them to find clients in a rural area. You can use this method only if you need to sell your RV immediately. With more foot traffic and marketing resources, consignment dealers are more likely to see an RV. A good offer is more likely to be made to the coach as a result. It usually takes one to three months for the dealer to consign your RV. It is expected that your RV will sell within this timeframe. This method may be appropriate for you depending on your patience level.

A consignment dealer will advertise and show your RV to potential buyers as soon as it arrives. Motorhomes and travel trailers are the only times you’ll hear about them. Your money will be credited to you after the commission has been deducted from the sale price.


RVs are consigned for many reasons. Here are some of the most common reasons. The RV shipping company handles advertising, inquiries, and showing of your RV seamlessly for you. Even if they lose a small percentage of the sale, most people prefer not to deal with all of these things. Consignment can net you more money even if you lose a little money on it. You don’t have access to the same audience as the dealer. The dealer can also handle financing for buyers who need it. Dealers strive to sell RVs quickly. If you do it yourself, it will take you more time than if you hire a dealer. Consequently, they can sell it faster and for more money than you can.


The advantages of shipping outweigh the disadvantages. When consigning your RV, you will have to pay a commission. By selling it yourself, you can lighten your wallet. A good idea is to get RV shipping insurance, but that’s more money wasted. There will also be an additional charge for cleaning and preparation. You can also lose a lot of money by not knowing much about RV consignment sales. During the contract period, you cannot sell your RV to anyone else. Therefore, if you receive a better offer elsewhere, it is impossible to accept it. You must direct the buyer to the dealer if you wish to do business with them. In addition, you will not be able to use your RV while it is consigned. RVs cannot be taken out one last time after they are sold. If it is not sold or expires, it will remain at the dealership.

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