Know what to do with RV awning clips


RV Designer and Camco are the most popular brands of RV awning clips, which are available in a variety of styles for different applications. Aside from metal types and colors, ease of use is another important factor that influences RV awning clips.

RV Awning Clips – What Are They Used For?

An awning protects RV owners from direct sunlight and allows them to add accessories to the vehicle on a stable, retractable platform. Flags, flagpoles, lights, and other decorations that are light enough to be attached to an awning with an awning clip are some of the things that can be attached to an awning with an awning clip.

How are RV awning clips different?

Ease of installation

A good RV clip should be easy to install. The end of the clip should be able to slide into the roller bar channel on your RV awning. When dealing with tighter spaces or if you have trouble reaching the bar, flexible plastics or metals can help.

Plastics & metals

Both metal and plastic are used in some RV clips. While plastics are generally more weather resistant, metals like stainless steel can withstand the elements for longer periods of time. Plastics are generally flexible and cheaper.


There are several things that differentiate RV awning clips from each other, but for some, this is the most important thing! There is a rustic zinc color tint to most RV clips. Market vendors offer nylon or white clips if you want to stick to one style or theme.

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