Leisure Travel B RV


Would you like to sell your Leisure Travel Class B RV that you have owned for the last few years? What is your expectation of the Leisure Travel Class B RV? Here you are at the right place; RV Buyers are always interested in buying RVs irrespective of the make and model. You can contact us without any hesitation, and we can discuss it and then go further. Our transparent procedures make working with us advantageous for our clients. Your Leisure Travel RV will be inspected by a member of the inspection team as soon as possible. Afterwards, we will negotiate the sales price for Leisure Travel RV. We give you a generous amount of cash in return. Additionally, we take it upon ourselves to pick up the Leisure Travel RV from any region of the United States. Additionally, our staff will handle all paperwork, letting you relax knowing everything is in order.

Leisure Travel RV Overview

It is clear that Leisure Travel is the industry leader in Class B innovation. The company developed the first Sprinter-based Class B motorhome in North America, the fibreglass molded Leisure Travel Van Serenity wide body Serenity, and the first Murphy Bed in a class B+ motorhome. There are many vehicles on the market these days, but Leisure Travel Unity 24MB is one of the most popular. Leisure Travel’s motorhome features an innovative Murphy bed, which makes it a compact motorhome with a large bathroom and a full-size bed. The Free Spirit SS is the first Mercedes Sprinter van camper with a slide-out and full bath introduced by Leisure Travel Van in September 2012.


As an experienced Leisure Travel Class B RV buyer, we are confident that you will receive top dollar for your RV or camper van. In order to learn more about Leisure Travel or other arrays of luxury motorhomes and camper vans, call RV Buyers at 713-201-7285. You can also mail us at sales@rvbuyers.com.


Let us help you sell & profit!

If you were interested in buying it, you probably would have done so, but if you want to sell your Leisure Travel Class B RV, this is the time to do it. RV Buyers will provide you with a significant cash return while offering the best price on various motorhomes and camper vans. You can trade with us for all Class A, B, and C recreational vehicles.


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