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At the Northwood Manufacturing and Outdoors RVs facility in La Grande, Oregon, RVs and trucks are manufactured. There are a wide variety of trailers that are manufactured here, including travel trailers, fifth wheels, and truck campers. It is located within the Blue Mountains in northeast Oregon and is part of the Grande Ronde Valley.

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It is possible to use Outdoors’ RVs in any season in North America’s west because they are designed for rugged roads. A key goal of Ron Nash’s company was to build comfortable, reliable vehicles that could transport people wherever and whenever they wanted. These vehicles are built to take on rough terrain thanks to all-weather exteriors, rugged off-road chassis, and aluminum frame construction. The underbelly is enclosed, heated, and has thermal pane windows. There are also thermally insulated luggage doors included with refrigerators.

Mountain Series

With Outdoors RV Mountain Series travel trailers and fifth wheels, you can camp in state parks, national parks, RV parks, or off-grid. As standard features, the propane stove has dual tanks, large tanks for holding fuel, and LED lights that save energy. This unit has 510W of solar power on the roof as well as a 200W portable solar power port on the door. In addition to its functionality, Outdoors RV places a high value on comfort. Among the features of the Mountain Series are dinette seating and hardwood finishes. Various slide-out options are included, as well as a queen-size bed and solid kitchen countertops. An Oregon RV dealer explains Outdoors RV’s Mountain Series and Titanium Series.

Titanium Series

A Titanium Series trim package is available for any floorplan in the Mountain Series. This series is distinguished by its features and style. A high gloss silver fibreglass exterior and a 15,000 BTU air conditioner highlight the Titanium Series. With the Titanium package, you will receive an interior designed in the style of a mountain lodge. Gel-infused memory foam is used in the construction of the mattress, and it is equipped with additional lighting, upgraded fixtures, and more hardwood materials.

Backcountry Series 

A couple of Outdoors RV options are specifically designed for primitive boondocking if you want to get off-grid down rugged roads. A few days or weeks of self-sufficiency is perfect for those wishing to become self-sufficient. In winter and summer, you’ll be able to drive and camp for longer periods of time because the off-road chassis is beefier and built for all-weather comfort. Compared to the Mountain Series, the Backcountry Series has 100 gallons of freshwater storage. The amount of propane and gray and black water storage has been nearly doubled. A propane generator and solar panels provide 170W of power to the power center. A total of four batteries can be stored in the device.

Trail Series 

Similar to the Backcountry Series, the Outdoors RV Trail Series focuses on recreational vehicles. Taking your toys off-grid allows you to go further off-grid. In addition to serving as a living space and a storage area, this trailer is known as a “toy hauler.” It features a ramp that leads into the gear storage area, where you can store a side-by-side, kayaks, bikes, and motorcycles. Once your toys are unloaded from the trail, you can place an electric loft bed in the storage area. An awning patio can also be built on top of a ramp, allowing sliding door access to the living space. Like the Backcountry Series, the Trail Series has a 15,000 BTU air conditioner and an onboard gas generator. Additionally, an air compressor and a 40-gallon fuel tank are included.

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