Maintenance tips for camper refrigerators



It is common for camper refrigerators to develop problems due to the amount of time they are used. To extend the life of the fridge, it also requires regular maintenance.

Close the fridge door

Ensure that the seal gasket on the refrigerator door is always in good condition. The thermistors and sensors go bad when the door is left open or has a weak seal. Keeping the fridge at optimal temperature requires more effort, which can quickly lead to damage.

Don’t park on uneven surfaces

The refrigerator in a camper can suffer problems if we park on uneven surfaces for a long time. If we park on a sloped surface, the refrigerator’s cooling unit could leak. The likelihood of this happening isn’t the highest, but it is possible.

Regular Inspections

Cleaning, maintenance, and inspections should be performed regularly. A cooling coil, for example, needs to be cleaned regularly. The refrigerator’s cooling system will eventually have trouble because they collect dust and debris from the air. Be sure to regularly check the cooling unit, air vents, and electrical connections. Our camper refrigerator may sometimes need professional repair. This is the most effective way to fix the refrigerator after performing all maintenance and potential fixes without any success.

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