Mini-campers with restrooms



The following are five small camping trailers that are equipped with washrooms:

1. Rockwood High Wall Series HW276

A travel trailer such as this Rockwood High Wall Series HW276 provides a spacious living area, a full kitchen, and a bedroom, making it ideal if you are looking for a campervan that has a private shower area. There is ample space inside for luggage, as well as space for up to six people to sleep comfortably. In this camper’s kitchen, there is a microwave oven and a three burner cooktop. Once your meals have been prepared, you can spread out your 72″ by 50″ in the special slide-out room. Due to their light weight, it will not be necessary for a heavier vehicle to tow them. The compactness of these tents, in addition to their affordability and ease of packing, makes them a popular choice among campers.

2. Happier Camper

Happier Campers give you all the comforts of home. Every detail is taken care of. The lightweight design makes it easy to tow. A 42 square foot floor space with full amenities is available. A single standard packing space is sufficient for the item. You shouldn’t skip the bathroom with something small. Solar panels, AC outlets, a docking station, a bathroom, shower, and more are included. You can also customise the camper in different styles to suit your taste. As a tourist, you can store kayaks, motorbikes, and bicycles. The Happier Camper comes in three colours. Its versatility is endless for outdoor enthusiasts. A modular design makes it versatile. Any way you like can be done with the small space. Dining table and kitchen fit comfortably. When it’s time for bed, the seating can be arranged into flat areas. An office can be made from a camper. Modular components can be used to make outdoor furniture. Provides natural light and air circulation. Additionally, campers can be towed easier. Construction of a good camper affects its life expectancy. The exterior is made of fibreglass. Any weather can be camped in rugged materials. Bathroom and shower come with all-in-one models.

3. Jayco Hummingbird

A complete bathroom is included in this light camper. For expeditions, the Jayco Hummingbird is towable. Storage space is ample, as well as a small kitchen. Packing gear and preparing meals is easy when camping. You’ll need sufficient storage space when you’re travelling for a long time. A pickup truck or SUV can easily tow this ultra-light trailer. Jayco’s Hummingbird trailer also comes with a skylight for unlimited integration with nature. It’s both adorable and outstanding. Bike trailers are also available. It is yet to be achieved by many camping trailers. You won’t be disappointed with this trailer. With the bathroom feature, you’re covered everywhere. A gas stove, drawers for utensils, and a refrigerator make preparing fresh meals easy. The travel trailer is comfortable and luxurious.

4. Somerset Mesa

You can take it almost anywhere, thanks to its folding pop-up design. Hosting people, cooking, serving lunch and dinner, etc., is easy with its modern amenities. You won’t need to spend money at an unfamiliar hotel when you stay at Somerset Mesa. It has all the features you need in a pop-up camper. In this camper, you’ll find plenty of essentials and plenty of interior space. The Somerset Mesa camper combines the rugged outdoors with a simple design that offers plenty of essential features. 

5. KZ Escape Mini Trailer

With the KZ Escape Mini Trailer, you can easily visit all of your favourite places. Additionally, it comes with enough amenities to make it ideal for camping, RV parks, and private parks. Simple to tow with KZ Escape. With modern features, the trailer stays true to its name. Modern amenities include a flat-screen TV, cable TV connection, comfortable queen bed, beautiful countertops, maple kitchen, and a gas stove. KZ Escape Mini Trailer has plenty of high-tech features. Watching the examples, you’ll feel like you’re at home. The windows are tinted and the window shades are pleated.

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