Portable toilets and showers for small camping trailers



This list provides you with the best small camping trailers that include toilets and showers:

1. Scamp 13’ Standard Trailer

It has been demonstrated by Scamp that a small package is capable of containing great things. The smallest offering from Scamp measures 13 feet in comparison with its largest. It would be best if the unit had a fully functional bathroom front and centre, and two floors with two options for rooms. A small family can fit comfortably in the Scamp due to its design. The bathroom and shower are powered by a 12-gallon holding tank.

2. Airstream Sport

Almost a century ago, Airstream began manufacturing travel vehicles. The new 2018 sport embodies this design philosophy. Even those who are not interested in RVs are familiar with the brand. A sophisticated and well-appointed bathroom rounds out the package. In order to keep the trailer dry, roof fans provide ventilation. The porcelain toilet is made from ceramic and is easy to clean. There is everything you need in this bathroom, including a retractable clothesline, towel bar, and custom made shower head. Exteriors that are well-appointed do not disappoint. Outside the trailer, a wastewater system collects and handles wastewater from the black water tank.

3. Little Guy Mini Max

Liberty Outdoors manufactures lightweight teardrop trailers. A small trailer that is highly convenient, comfortable, and energy-efficient. You can tow SUVs and family cars with this trailer. You can have a great outdoor adventure with its quality and detail! Outdoor activities won’t damage it, as it is strong and resilient. There is enough room for your luggage. In the little guy mini max, two to three people can sleep. This little guy minimax is a great choice when you’re going camping with friends or family. You’ll find everything you need, from food to sleeping bags. The price is also affordable, so don’t miss out! Make the decision.

4. Timberline by Homegrown

The non-toxic construction materials and sustainably sourced lumber used in Homegrown Trailers make them an ideal choice for those who plan to hit the road soon. With a 23-foot length and weighing 3,950 pounds dry, Timberline is a handcrafted small camper made by Homegrown using low-waste methods and techniques. Despite its lightweight design, this trailer can accommodate 3-6 people comfortably. As a result of its photovoltaic and water systems, the robust trailer can go off-grid even in extreme weather conditions. 

5. Forest River Flagstaff 228BHSE

Small camper vans with a bathroom are more appealing than anything else. Forest River Flagstaff 228BHSE will undoubtedly suit your needs if that’s the case. Travel trailers like this lightweight one are ideal for carrying luggage and people comfortably. Choose a floor plan that fits your needs the best from the variety available. Furthermore, its compact size makes towing easy. You do not have to travel on flat ground since it is super light. Affordability, ease of maintenance, and ease of towing. It can also be towed by most competent vehicles.

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