Propane-powered RV accessories


Propane is required to run various equipment in your camper. Fortunately, due of its minimal emissions, propane is recognised as a green energy in many jurisdictions. Additionally, it’s more affordable than electricity.

Even though propane burns less cleanly than other fuels, it still produces some pollutants. It should not be burnt in confined places without sufficient ventilation because when it burns, CO2 and CO gases are released, which may be fatal if not vented. When utilising propane applications, you must also make sure that the CO2/CO alarm on your propane rig is current, functional, and regularly checked.

You may use propane to power a variety of appliances in your RV, including:

Refrigerator: A chemical process using propane flames absorbs the heat from the refrigerator to keep it chilly.

Stove Top/Oven: Just like a gas stove, the top burners and oven are linked to a propane line. Propane heats up more quickly than natural gas does.

Furnace: By burning propane, a propane heater may be used to heat an RV.

Water heater: Propane water heaters may be installed in RVs as tankless or standard water heaters. Tankless water heaters have a one-time investment expense yet provide limitless hot water.

Generator: Gas and propane generators are both available, although gas generators are more prevalent. Despite its decreased efficiency, pollutants are emitted into the environment less effectively.

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