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As RVers, we must demonstrate the significance of having a permanent address. Let’s examine how to choose the best home base. There are a variety of factors to consider while selecting a residence. When searching for a house, you should keep the following in mind.

Remember your home state.

Keep your state of origin as your home if you are leaving behind property. You may still get mail at your residence if you choose this route.

Although you may need to seek a post office in your home state, preserving your domicile may be the most practical option if you want to RV full-time. When you stop travelling or spend a significant amount of time in the same location, it is crucial to prepare ahead.

Examine the options for postal services.

A person’s domicile state is determined by the location of their preferred postal service. The RV community use many distinct postal services. Escapees, Saint Brendan’s Isle, Anytime Mailbox, FMCA, and Dakota Post are among them. To determine whether one is superior (or if you would want to investigate something entirely else), you will need to weigh the benefits and downsides of each.

Get ready to be where you are.

If you will spend the most of your time in one state, it is advisable to establish residency there. Or at least the state to which you will return annually for medical care. Many full-time RVers find it most practical to reside in a state where they often visit their families. As a consequence, it is not only legal but also more easy to do jury duty, vote, renew your driver’s licence, and get an annual car inspection.

Examine taxes

State income taxes are not applicable in every state. Aside from this, there are several distinctions across states in regards to automobile taxes. Before selecting a home state for your RV, you may save a substantial amount of money by investigating these criteria.

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