RV Dinette Replacement Ideas That Are Functional and Stylish



Do you need some ideas for replacing your RV dinette? Buying an RV for the first time might be a daunting task. This travel trailer has a large living area and bunk bed in the back for the kids, which is perfect for your family. You can awaken your creative genius with these five great RV dinette replacement ideas. Here is a guide to help you transform your dining space into something more functional for you and your family. Add storage and additional seating, create an office nook, or add more storage and space to your house with a traditional dinette.

1. Organize the tables and chairs

You can customize your RV’s aesthetic even if this is similar to what you currently have. Leopard print cushions are a good choice if you’re a fan of the print. A live-edge wood tabletop is the perfect place to use it. A different set of table and chairs can have a big impact on the overall feel of your RV. The seats of the chairs can also be fitted with storage. Flip up ones to store workbooks, napkins, paper plates, and card games. It’s always handy to have a little extra storage space in an RV. It’s also possible to find tables with leaves or extensions. These are great for large families. Whenever you’re not using it, it folds up, so there’s no extra space taken up by it. At dinnertime, however, you can create a much larger dining area. Setting up a table and chairs beside a booth dinette creates more space since the chairs can be moved. Slide the chair into the aisle if you need more elbow room.

2. Set up a home office

The RV lifestyle has changed. Consider replacing the RV dinette with a home office if you’re a digital nomad or work remotely. Working parents especially need this. Children can learn to leave a parent alone when they have a designated workplace. RV dinettes have several options based on where they are. A long space can be used for a desk with room for a computer, printer, dual screens, and other items. A dinette on the side of your RV might feel tighter, but you can open it up for more space. You can open up a room by installing a long table along the wall. Also, dinettes usually have great views. By facing the windows, you’ll feel as though you’re outdoors. Imagine working near the Pacific Ocean, the red canyons of Utah, or rocky cliffs of Maine.

3. Build a storage bench

RVers often install storage benches as part of their renovations. Alternatively, you can purchase one from a store. A storage bench can be substituted for two seats on a free-standing dinette. In addition to adding more storage, it also changes the way the dining area looks. A small change like this might make it feel more personal. Three children can also sit on a bench for many families. A free-standing chair can only fit four people. You have more space around the table if you replace two chairs with a bench. A storage bench can be used in a living space as an ottoman or coffee table.

4. Build a Custom Couch

An alternative to the RV dinette is to eliminate the table altogether. You can build a custom couch instead of keeping the dinette as an eating area. Those who entertain often or have large families may find this useful.

A number of RVers choose to eat at a local restaurant or outside. As long as you use TV trays if needed, you can eat inside this renovation idea. However, the space’s focus changes. Now you have more space for hosting parties, game nights, or watching the big game. A custom couch can also be built with additional storage underneath. Store canvas bins or tubs underneath by raising it on a platform.

5. Switch it for some recliners

The dinette can be swapped out for recliners if you don’t want a couch. It’s perfect for RVs without an additional living area. Many travel trailers come with a dinette and kitchen, but no additional seating area. Your RV dinette has been removed in favor of recliners, creating a space for lounging you never had before. Measure two and three times before adding furniture to your RV. If you are installing recliners, make sure they fit when reclining. Make sure the narrow entry door can accommodate them. When you don’t measure properly, your RV renovation can turn into frustration and disappointment.

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