RV-Friendly Sewer Hoses



A dirty job of emptying the waste tanks ends the RV trip. It is the same as a residential sewer hose for RVs. A variety of drainage pipe types can be found, including those of different thicknesses, damage resistance, flexibility, fittings, and storage ease. The length of an RV sewer hose is typically 15 feet or 20 feet.  You should not carry that used hose inside your RV if it cannot fit in the utility compartment. If you decide to use a longer hose, you may have to store it in your trunk. Longer hoses may not fit in RVs, and you may not wish to transport the used hose. If you choose a longer hose, consider storing it in the trunk of your vehicle. Should you be unable to accommodate the longer hose, you may wish to consider using the 15-foot hose from the same manufacturer.

Thetford Titan 20 Foot

Additionally, the Titan is durable and puncture-resistant. It is even preferable for users to use a clear connector to see if draining has stopped. In the case of RVs close to dump stations, the entire hose length will be required. Even the 15-foot Titan may be difficult to store in RVs with smaller storage compartments.

Valterra Viper

Its Valterra Vipers are the replacement for Valterra Dominators. Expenses are also higher. The hoses can be used separately or connected with bayonet hooks in low temperatures. With its UV protection, thicker hose, and durable outer beads, the Viper has a number of advantages.

Valterra Dominator

High-value products have a higher value than low-cost products. Valterra Dominator is relatively expensive, but it delivers value. During shorter runs, hoses can be kept separate or connected for the full 20 feet of the kit. The hoses can be collapsed to 39 inches for easy storage. Designed with bayonet hooks, the hoses will remain flexible down to 20 degrees below zero thanks to a secure, leak-proof connection.

Camco Revolution

As With Camco Revolution, you can drain sewage as well as greywater simultaneously. Transparency of the adapter indicates that draining has stopped. A major benefit of its accordion-style construction is its ease of storage. 

Lippert Waste Master

Lippert Waste Master is three times as expensive as the other RV sewer hoses on this list. It is less expensive in the long run to prevent leaks or worse, get sprayed with raw sewage. It possesses an integrated shut-off valve and a clear view port on its permanently-connected nozzle. A smooth interior and ribs on the outside make the hose easy to clean. Additionally, it is puncture-resistant, UV-resistant, and easy to store.

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