RV industry’s plans to adapt to EV tow vehicles



The RV industry is expressing a desire to aid electric trucks in increasing their driving distance. Since we’re talking about predictions and plans, we’ll show you what they’re talking about in this regard. Furthermore, we will introduce you to the first Class E motorhome and discuss what some companies are planning for the future.


RVers will have trouble with driving distance. Refills usually take five to ten minutes, but can become 30 if the family runs inside for a bathroom visit, snacks, and 1980s arcade games. Vintage Era mentality (1945-1970) cannot be applied to RVs today. A RV company leader cannot wait for automakers to adapt to these results. A RV company leader cannot wait for automakers to adapt to these results. RV makers learned how linked they are to the auto industry during the 1973 Oil Crisis. One of the popular RV industry ideas is adding a second battery bay. Coach’s electrical needs will still be met in the primary bay. Electrical umbilical cords normally powering brakes and DOT lights will feed the EV truck in the second bay.

Another added benefit is that this secondary power source can take advantage of the solar panel technology on the RV’s roof. Even though solar technology doesn’t have the charging speed ideal for EV trucks, it could mean the difference between a forced boondock on the side of the highway and making it to the next charging station.



Lordstown Motors partnered with Camping World first. A class E motorhome is also planned with Camping World.

The Class E motorhome uses a van chassis. Batteries are used for both engine and coach functions in the battery bay. Lordstown talked about the project conceptually before the current issues arose. Motorhomes may have extension slideouts. Slideouts could be like those in the 2011 Roadtrek SS Ideal or full roof extensions like the Pleasure-Way Tofino. Work on this Class E motorhome will become a priority once Lordstown gets past their DOJ concerns and has the Endurance in production. Despite the lack of a release date, we’re eager to see the first renderings.


Camping World Class E and The Lordstown aren’t the first. It was the Germans who beat them. The Iridium E-Mobil 70 EB is here. It’s in production, and it won’t be available in America. Due to its small size, it can’t be used on U.S. and Canadian roads. Winnebago Solis Pocket can counter their opinion. At a German RV show, Iveco’s 2017 concept version looked like a Class C completely covered with solar panels. One charge produced 124 miles. RVs fascinated the world despite their “eclectic” appearance. A first batch of 30 B plus units were built on the Fiat Mooveo.

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