RV Kayak Rack Conversion from Cargo Platform


A repurposed cargo platform may be used to create kayak racks for RVs. This rack may be constructed with second-hand components, making it the simplest and least complicated method.

1. Locate a platform for cargo or luggage

If you don’t already have one, a cargo or baggage platform may be purchased at a reasonable fee. Nevertheless, you may buy this item if you want to save some money.

2. Extend the RV’s Base to its Body

You must extend the base of the cargo platform to the vehicle’s body in order to connect it to your RV. To make this operation very easy, the majority of RVs feature an extension at the rear of the underbody. You may consult your owner’s handbook for further details on the exact make and model of your RV.

3. Create Vertical Supports

You have a few alternatives for making vertical supports. If you want to save money and make the job really DIY, I advise using PVC pipe. PVC is often used by RVers to construct their racks since it is simple to cut and put together. If you choose not to use PVC, it is also available to purchase a fully-equipped kit.

4. Include a Divider for Several Kayaks

If you wish to travel with more than one kayak, you will need a divider. You must build separators for each kayak if you want to put everything onto a cargo rack.

5. Protect Using Tie-Downs

Once the rack has been constructed, it is critical to secure the kayak correctly to prevent movement while driving. An excellent investment is a tie-down kit, exactly like every rack design I’ve discussed. The straps may be used to hold your kayaks in place.

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