RV living at its worst: It’s a nightmare



The commitment to RVing sometimes forces RVers to stay static? Are you longing for a stick-and-brick house with a washer, refrigerator, and lots of hot water? Road trips can be challenging for RVers for a number of reasons. Here are some dreaded RV experiences.

1. Laundry day

Everybody has to do laundry. The laundry pile grows every day. Throwing away a load of laundry reduces laundry. Driving with a load is tough! Class A motorhomes have fewer washers and dryers than RVs. How should a motorhome owner manage laundry? Both options are basically the same. Several buckets of soapy water and fresh rinse water follow a clothesline.  That’s okay. When you live in an RV, you don’t have much choice.

2. Constant maintenance

The elements of your daily life fill up your house when you drive over hills and dales. Loose or falling apart parts of houses and vehicles wear out faster. There is always a maintenance issue. Inconvenient, difficult, and expensive are its characteristics. It is ideal to repair vehicles at home in stick-and-brick houses. Would you be able to live in your vehicle? It may take hours for the rig to be lifted! Consequently, you may have to stay in a hotel. RV maintenance can be a real pain.

3. Toilets at campgrounds

Hot showers are great. This luxury spoils us every day. RV living doesn’t always provide hot water. Due to power storage and tank capacity, boondocking limits shower time. RVs don’t have good showers, even with full hookups! Camping RVs, including Class B RVs, rarely have showers. That might block a central aisle! Campground showers are popular with RVers. Some of these facilities have clean, suitable showers. In some cases, yes, in others, no!

4. Insecurities and loneliness 

We need a community to thrive. For lone travellers, it is especially challenging. Couples and families can also benefit. RVers often feel a sense of community through caravans and rallies. Even introverts can find travelling lonely. You may crave companionship during hardships.

5. Connectivity issues with the internet

Nowadays, internet access is a necessity. With the internet, you can connect, educate, and stay informed. An RV requires wireless connectivity to make a living. Along with RVing full-time, RVers often work. It may still be difficult to get a reliable Internet connection while travelling. The number of subscribers to multiple cellular services is on the rise. As a result, they resort to expensive boosters, Wi-Fi extenders, and other devices. RVers experience it often.

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