RV skirting solutions


Skirting options make the procedure quick and painless. Ready-made RV skirts suit all RVs.

1. Custom skirts

A Your rig’s skirt is custom-made. RV Skirting Pros may come to you or you can go to a factory. If you can’t go, mail your skirt to RV Skirting Pros. Custom skirts employ high-quality fabric. Custom skirts are high-quality and should last years. Most custom skirts utilise heavy vinyl. Negatives? Cost. RV skirting is expensive. RV skirting is expensive. Depending on the size and quantity of slides, custom skirts cost $1,000-$3,000.

2. Airskirts

AirSkirts replace vinyl or cloth RV skirts. Inflatable RV skirting is unique and dependable. The skirt is an air-inflated tube. There are skirting kits for different rig sizes. All kits contain tubes, air pumps, bags, and patches. $1,299 begins. AirSkirts have a 5-year warranty. This is good for travellers.

3. EZ snap

If you want a high-quality, affordable RV skirt, use EZ Snap. The kit measures and instals EZ Snap skirts. Kits come in several sizes. Install the fasteners, trim the cloth to size, and hang the skirt as directed. EZ Snap’s tutorials may help. EZ Snap RV skirts feature Diamond WeaveTM vinyl. Diamond WeaveTM is stronger than standard RV skirting. They may endure 8 years in hard winters. 80-foot kits cost $81.

4. Windshield

RV WindSkirt provides cost-effective choices. This skirt is easier and cheaper than EZ Snap. We enjoy RV WindSkirt’s simplicity. It comes in two sizes and fits all setups. These skirts are lightweight and easily stored. This skirt is great for travelling and relocating since it’s not bulky. Skirting costs $100-$120.

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