RV towing laws for the left lane



Some states have specific laws regarding lane usage regarding trailer towers, even though generally it is best practice to stay in the right lane unless passing, turning, or avoiding hazards. Rules may change at any time. To make sure you don’t get ticketed or cause an accident, check the specific laws for towable RVs whenever you enter a new state. We gathered some RV towing laws in states with stricter trailer laws, despite many states requiring left hand lanes for all vehicles.



Any highway with two lanes or more in the same direction in California prohibits vehicles towing trailers from operating in the left-hand lane. A vehicle with three axles or more may pass only on the right lane of a highway with at least four lanes in the same direction. 



Highways with more than two lanes going in the same direction in Connecticut prohibit travel trailers from using the far left lane. 



If there are three or more lanes on a freeway with three or more lanes, travel trailers must use only the leftmost two lanes when turning left or avoiding hazards.



Vehicles with trailers or campers on highways with more than two lanes in Oregon must drive in the right lane. There are exceptions to this rule when overtaking, turning left, responding to an emergency, or avoiding hazards.



On limited-access highways with three or more lanes in Pennsylvania, vehicles over 10,000 pounds are prohibited from using the left lane unless they are turning left.



When there are three or more lanes going the same direction, it is illegal to tow a trailer of any size except when turning or avoiding hazards.



In a three-lane situation without an exit, turning left, making a legally permitted left turn, or in an emergency, no vehicles towing trailers or weighing over 10,000 pounds are permitted to drive in the left lane. On a two-lane highway, they are also prohibited from driving in the left lane except when passing, turning, or avoiding hazards. Recreational vehicles with the number of occupants specified on signs may drive in the HOV lane, since it is not considered a left lane.

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