Safari Condo B RV


Have you considered putting your Safari Condo Class B RV up for sale? What do you anticipate from the Safari Condo Class B RV? It’s all going well. With any make or style of RV, RV Buyers can assist you. Call us anytime, and we’ll work something out for you. Our transparent procedures are advantageous to our clients. We’ll send a member of our inspection team to check over your Safari Condo RV as soon as possible. We will then negotiate the price for Renegade RV. We provide our consumers with a generous sum of money. Additionally, we take it upon ourselves to transfer the Safari Condo RV to any region of the United States. Additionally, our staff will handle all paperwork, letting you relax knowing everything is in order.

Safari Condo RV Overview

There are 15 different Class B models in the Safari Condo line, each of which is built on one of three different chassis, which provides a wide range of options to suit your outdoor lifestyle requirements.

  • MX model offers 88 cubic feet of storage, an awning, and a 1500-watt inverter. MX provides 23 miles per gallon (37 kilometres) with its 4.8L V8 engine, 170-watt solar panels and a kayak roof rack.
  • XLFLEX is Safari Condo’s widest Class B in its class, featuring opening double pane windows and a shower/toilet compartment. Various beds are available, including four solar panels and a storage compartment that can be adjusted to any height.

There’s no doubt that Safari Condo RV owners are having a good time; nevertheless, if you want to sell it, either to gain money or to try something new, here’s how. You can get a good return on your investment with our help.


As an experienced Safari Condo Class B RV buyer, we are confident that you will receive top dollar for your RV or camper van. In order to learn more about Safari Condo RV or other arrays of luxury motorhomes and camper vans, call RV Buyers at 713-201-7285. You can also mail us at sales@rvbuyers.com.

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