Sewer Hoses That Work best For RVs



As the RV trip draws to a close, the dirty job of emptying the waste tanks comes to an end. A RV sewer hose is identical to a residential sewer hose. Although there are many different types of drainage pipes, there are a variety of thicknesses, damage resistance, flexibility, fittings, and storage ease, among them. An RV sewer hose typically comes in two lengths: 15 feet and 20 feet.  It wouldn’t be a good idea to carry that used hose inside your RV if it doesn’t fit in the utility compartments. In the event that you decide to go with a longer hose, you may need to store it in your car’s trunk. Longer hoses may not fit in RVs and you will probably not wish to carry the used hose around. Consider storing a longer hose in the trunk of your vehicle if you choose a longer one. The 15-foot hose from the same manufacturer may be preferable to the longer hose in case you are unable to accommodate it.

Thetford Titan 20 Foot

Aside from being reasonably priced, the Titan is also durable and puncture-resistant. Even though the connector is opaque, users prefer a clear one to see if draining has stopped. If the RV is close to the dump station drain, you will have to use the entire length of the hose. Owners of RVs with smaller storage compartments may have difficulty storing even the 15-foot Titan when finished.

Valterra Viper

A It is the new generation of Valterra Vipers that replaces the Valterra Dominator. There are also a lot more expenses associated with it. In low temperatures, both hoses are flexible and can be used separately or connected with bayonet hooks. Viper has UV protection, thicker hose, and durable outer beads.

Valterra Dominator

Low-cost products do not have the same value as high-value products. Even though the price of Valterra Dominator is somewhat high, it delivers value. There are two 10-foot hoses included in the 20-foot kit that can be connected for the full 20 feet or kept separate for shorter runs. Storage is made easy by collapsing each hose to 39 inches. The bayonet hooks provide a secure, leak-proof connection that allows the hoses to remain flexible down to 20 degrees below zero, according to the manufacturer.

Camco Revolution

As Camco Revolution has the capability to connect to two drain pipes simultaneously, you can drain sewage and greywater at the same time. When draining has stopped, it is easy to see when the adapter has become transparent.  As a result of its accordion-style construction, users report that it is easy to store. 

Lippert Waste Master

In comparison to the other RV sewer hoses on this list, the Lippert Waste Master is three times as expensive. By preventing leaks or worse getting sprayed with raw sewage, you will save money in the long run. With the Lippert’s permanently-connected nozzle, there is an integrated shut-off valve as well as a clear view port. In addition to having ribs on the outside, the hose has a smooth interior, which makes it easy to clean thoroughly. Furthermore, it can be compressed into five feet and is puncture-resistant, UV-resistant, and easy to store.

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