Should you have your new RV or trailer inspected?


Yes, of course! Government recommendations and guidelines do not govern the construction of brand new RVs. There are different policies and processes followed by each RV company. As far as RV construction is concerned, every piece and every screw is not torqued in the same way on every rig and frame. They are handcrafted one at a time. There is no consistency in the placement of your staples and nails. It is possible to leave behind items and tools. It is not advisable to twist or turn pipes exactly as they should be. Tours of RV manufacturing plants have shown us that they put together the best RVs for us possible. It is important to remember that we are human.


Moreover, the RVs are now at the dealership, rather than at the manufacturer. Moving long distances or moving multiple times is possible. Driving down the interstate means shaking an RV, which increases the chances of problems once it arrives at the dealership, no matter how well-made it is.


Get an RV inspection if you want to be responsible. A used RV inspection may seem more reasonable to some, but a new RV inspection should not be skipped.

Inspecting used RVs is essential.

If you are purchasing a used RV, regardless of how old it is or how well it has done, you should definitely have it inspected. You can find out what issues the RV has encountered by doing this.

RVs that are stored need to be inspected as well.

In the same way that RVs that have been on the road have issues, RVs in storage do too. If the system is not used, rust, water, erosion, and exposure will all cause issues. It is even worse that these kinds of issues may not be visible to the naked eye. There are many things that can be found during an inspection, including leaks, eroded pipes, rodent problems, and so on.

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