Small toy haulers are big on fun



Even if you don’t have a heavy-duty truck, a small toy hauler is a great way to maximize your trip. ATVs and dirt bikes can be stored on these trailers, which have the features of a typical RV as well as the convenience of an RV.

Here are some things to look for when shopping for a small toy hauler. Here’s a list of 4 great toy haulers under 25 feet. Small toy haulers make it easier to transport toys like ATVs and dirt bikes.

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  • Forest river no boundaries nb10.6
  • Forest river rockwood geo pro g19fbth

  • Palomino puma ultra lite 187th


Buying a small toy hauler: what to look for?

Toy haulers are towable RVs with a garage at the rear for storing various vehicles that are accessed through a large ramp on the back. Some examples of what people put in their toy haulers are ATVs, dirt bikes, golf carts, and motorcycles. There are plenty of large toy haulers available, but some of the lightweight toy hauler travel trailers on this list are so small that they can even be towed by SUVs! There are a few things to consider before purchasing a small toy hauler. 


In order to determine how big the trailer is, you need to measure its length, height, and width. Toy haulers with more space mean more storage, but they’re also heavier and harder to haul. Standing room will also depend on your height. 


The toy hauler’s UVW and GVWR should also be considered. When the toy hauler leaves the factory, its UVW, or Unloaded Vehicle Weight, is determined. Neither cargo nor water are included in this value. As a toy hauler is fully loaded, its Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) determines how much weight can be handled. The performance and safety of your vehicle will be negatively affected if you exceed this limit. 


A vehicle’s cargo carrying capacity can be calculated by subtracting the UVW from the GVWR. It is important to keep these weight limits in mind when loading your RV. The weight limits on toy haulers should also be tailored to your needs, since they often carry heavy loads such as ATVs.

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