Teach your dog to obey commands for their safety as well as yours



The summer is a great time to get outdoors, whether you travel in an RV or you just love being in nature. It’s no wonder that some people find the experience a soothing and relaxing one, thanks to the fresh air, the greenery, and the trails they can explore. You’re more likely to have a great time with your dog when you share it. If you are planning to go camping with dogs, it is imperative that your dog has been trained to respond to commands while on the trail. 

The adventure isn’t just for Big Dogs

Camper dog breeds such as Golden Retrievers and Bernese Mountain Dogs are commonly associated with camping, hiking, and backpacking. Running, activity, and camping are among the favorite activities of little dog breeds. There are some energetic thrill seekers who love a good run or jog, including the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Jack Terrier Russel, and Beagle. Having herded cattle, hunted foxes, and chased rabbits in the past, they have a unique love of the outdoors and the pursuit.

Prepare your dog for the trip by following these steps

You should follow the following checklist before traveling with your dog on a camping trip:


  • Prior to hiking or backpacking, you should pre-train. The journey should be physically feasible for both you and your dog.
  • Ensure that your dog will be welcome and safe by researching dog-friendly trails and camping sites.
  • Make sure you pack all the necessities you may need on the trip (water, food, first aid kits, tent, etc.)
  • Protect your dog’s paws at all times by using dog shoes or soothing topical creams and waxes.
  • When walking, take frequent breaks. It is important not to exhaust your dog. Give them some time to rest and get refreshed if they are breathing heavily or in discomfort.
  • Be sure to leave no trace! Despite being in a natural setting, you are still responsible for picking up your dog’s poop, putting out any fires you start, and removing all trash. Leave nature in the same condition that you found it.
  • After a trip, you should always check on your dog. Inspect them for injuries and ticks.

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