Ten-year rule causes RV owners trouble



Imagine the frustration of not being able to enter your favorite campground with your RV if it is too old. You may be surprised to learn that this scenario will most likely occur. Some campgrounds are still unwilling to accept vintage RVs, even though they are becoming increasingly popular. RVs are not accepted at several high-end campgrounds simply because of their age, regardless of how well maintained they may be.


Drivingvibin.com reports that the ten-year rule is primarily enforced in Florida and Arizona, although some campgrounds enforce it nationwide. Most RV parks list this rule on their websites and outline it in their terms & conditions. It is possible that camps, even though they claim to be very strict, may not enforce the rules as strictly as they claim. According to Drivinibin, the following are the statements that he makes:


“In almost all RV parks that implement the 10 year rule, there is also an exception to this rule that can be requested. We have never been turned away by the vintage RV rental companies in our experience (owning our vintage RV for 5 years now). It is not uncommon for RV parks to ask for pictures of the RV that you are planning to park in. Based on the picture, they will either allow or deny the application.”


The website conducted a survey in which 88 percent of RVers said they disagreed with the rule as it pertains to recreational vehicles. As far as RV owners are concerned, there is no foolproof way to eliminate the number of RVs that are poorly maintained and left unattended. In order to comply with the rule, park owners often remove RVs that are in poor condition and are left unattended in their parks. There was a poll conducted among RVers about the 10-year rule. The poll found that 82 percent of respondents considered it possible that the RV’s entry may be denied if it doesn’t meet the park’s requirements.

We don’t mind the ten-year rule, but there is a solution we can offer you that will make your life easier. Large inventories are available for you to choose from! The option of selling your old RV and buying a brand new, or a refurbished RV in the United States is also available to you if you are looking to buy a brand new RV or a refurbished RV. You won’t have to worry about the RV’s 10 year rule if you follow this process.

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