The Best Camping Spots in New Hampshire



The state of New Hampshire may appear small on the map, but camping in New Hampshire is big. The fifth-largest state in our nation boasts mountainous areas, untouched forests, and an ocean shoreline.

This beautiful slice of New England deserves to be explored. Let’s take a look at where to go.

Interested in camping in New Hampshire?

It’s easy to canvass the different regions of New Hampshire due to its relatively compact size. It only takes an hour or less to drive from New Hampshire’s short, but picturesque seacoast to its mountain peaks. Backcountry hiking can easily be converted to beachcombing or whale watching, and fishing can be done as well.

Due to the wide variety of undeveloped areas, traveling along the way is pleasant and relaxing. Moreover, the state offers almost unlimited outdoor activities near quaint towns and villages, many of which offer unique attractions.

New Hampshire RV Camping Options

Getting close to New Hampshire’s varied terrain is easy with a few different options. Although there isn’t an enormous expanse of federal land in New Hampshire like in the west, there are almost 800,000 acres of national forests.

Some national forest campgrounds have full or partial hookups, making them a reliable option for campers. There are just as many options at state park campgrounds as there are at national parks. Additionally, we’ll recommend a few private campgrounds for those who may enjoy a little more comfort. 

National Forests

In the vast White Mountain National Forest, 23 campgrounds are developed as well as other dispersed areas for free camping in the wilderness. There are campgrounds with basic rustic amenities and others with full-service amenities. According to the National Park Service (NPS), the park has 1,200 miles of hiking trails, including 160 miles of the Appalachian Trail. Forests and hills aren’t the only things to see. There are 12,000 acres of wetlands in the park, 67 lakes, and 4,750 miles of streams, according to the National Park Service.

State Parks

Camping facilities are available in 23 New Hampshire state parks. Electricity and sewer hookups are available in some locations, whereas water and electric connections are available in others. Showers, flush toilets, a picnic table, and a fire ring are typical amenities.

Primitive tent camping is also available at most state parks in New Hampshire along with RV campsites. You can also rent yurts and/or cabins from many of them. Pets are generally not allowed in the state park facilities from March through October.

Private Campgrounds

A few private campgrounds in New Hampshire are more comfortable than most, whereas most are primitive. Swimming pools and hot tubs are available at some resorts. You might even be able to rent a golf cart if you spend a little more on fitness centers and spas.

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