The best of both worlds with a cheap heat system


Full-time RVers are responsible for completing their winterization preparations throughout the fall and winter months. The majority of recreational vehicles (RVs) are kept toasty and warm thanks to the excellent propane furnaces that are located inside of them. When it’s chilly outdoors and you’re not connected to the power grid, having propane heat is without a doubt quite helpful. If you are connected to the electrical system of an RV park, it would be awesome if you could use electricity to power your heater. Don’t you think so? Your already installed heating system is compatible with the RV Comfort Systems’ Cheap Heat System and may be utilised together. Your furnace may operate on either propane or electricity, depending on where you are and which switch you flip. This is determined by the location of the switch.

The benefits of using a less expensive heating system

  • In addition to providing users with the ability to choose from a variety of heating fuels, the Cheap Heat System provides a number of other advantages that, taken together, make it a very valuable addition to an RV’s heating system:
  • If you run out of fuel for your gas heater, having the ability to convert to an electric heater will allow you to maintain your body temperature.
  • There are several regions in which the cost of propane is more expensive than the cost of electricity.
  • Cheap Heat is less noisy than heat generated by a gas heater because to the removal of the noise generated by the burner.
  • Cheap Heat is inherently safer than heaters that are powered by propane due to its redundant safety measures.
  • An RV technician won’t have any trouble installing in the vast majority of RVs.
  • The use of a propane heater is far safer than the use of a space heater, which is a common cause of fires in recreational vehicles (RVs) during the winter.

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