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We are living a completely different lifestyle in virtual reality than we did five years ago. As a start up, our company was launched without any prior knowledge of what it would be doing in the fall of 2018. It has been a smooth transition for all of us to live in an RV full-time! It has been easier and more enjoyable to live this lifestyle with the items we’ve found along the way. For those who camp full-time or occasionally, we highly recommend these outdoor RV accessories.

Water filter

Some pretty random places fill up with fresh water. When you don’t want to stay at a campground with hookups, you can camp at a gas station, roadside rest area, or city park. To ensure clean water, we never fill up our fresh water tank without our water filter. Directly connects to the faucet and hose to filter water. Cadmium, odor, turbidity, copper, lead, mercury, and hydrogen sulphide are eliminated by the filter. When we filter water from the same source, it makes such a difference. So much better water with the filter!


In most cases, we boondocks. It wouldn’t be possible without our generator. During power outages, the generator gets us through charging electronics, turning on the lights, or running the blender. The WEN 56200i inverter generator is the right choice. Other than the air conditioner, all of our appliances are powered by it. Generac’s price is almost half of Honda’s!

Drinking water hose

Any old hose can be used to fill your fresh water tank. Take a moment to think! When we first bought just a standard green garden hose, it was too difficult to work with the tough garden house. It was a hassle to fold it up and store it away. Despite its lightweight and kink-resistant design, the Zero-G garden hose is strong and lightweight at the same time. Because of its name, it’s lightweight and non bending. Our RV’s basement is an easy place to store it whenever we aren’t using it!

Solar setup 

In spite of cloudy days and nights, our rig still runs on solar power. It’s a must-have for our travels! We installed a UXCell MPPT 20A charge controller before we went on the road and had a 100W panel that came with our RV when we bought it. Thus, the Renogy 100ah Gel batteries allow us to save gas and maintain power.

Fittings for Wye

Having two sewer hoses at once makes it easier to deal with them. In the galley, there are black and gray tanks. The sewer hoses will not need to be touched or moved. Septic systems run smoothly with WYE fittings.

Sewer hose & support

There’s a dirty job to be done when it comes to cleaning the grey and black tanks. Making that job easier was made possible by reliable equipment. This RV sewer hose kit is from Camco RhinoFLEX 15 ft. The hose is sturdy and easy to handle. Including everything you need, the kit includes swivel fittings, translucent elbows, and 4-in-1 dump station fittings. Camco’s 20 foot Sidewinder RV Sewer Hose Support was selected for the “stinky slinky” support. Everything flows smoothly and is easy to use.

Level blocks

It’s common for RVs to be unleveled, isn’t it? Your balance can be affected by living on a boat. Prior to moving to a new campsite, our rig is levelled. We are very satisfied with the durability and effectiveness of our levelling blocks.


A new campsite is never a disappointment without choking the wheels of our RV. A chock makes unhitching the rig easier. As a result, everyone’s health and safety are ensured.

Surge protector & circuit analyzer

Electricity hookups are reported to be faulty at several campgrounds. When plugging our RV into the campsite, we always check the outlet to ensure our safety and the safety of our RV. This way, we can verify if our electrical box is working properly.

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