The Best Places for BLM Camping California



Here are eight great places to camp on the BLM in California.

Mountain Shasta Dispersed Camping

It offers an impressive view of Mount Shasta from Sand Flat Dispersed Camping. There are a number of wilderness hikes in this northern part of the state. You’ll need a high clearance vehicle to access the campsites due to the rough road. Visiting a BLM camping site on foot or by bike is always a good idea before driving back to find you can’t get through.

Lone Pine’s Alabama Hills Recreation Area

BLM camping in California allows for some breathtaking views. Alabama Hills Recreation Area is no exception. It’s surrounded by mountains and is near Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon National Park. The spot has a view of Mt. Whitney. There are plenty of opportunities for overnight boondocking even if the west side of the recreation area is only for day use. You’ll need a clear view of the road, so find a campsite here during daylight hours.

Bishop’s Volcanic Tablelands

Death Valley National Park is just north of the Volcanic Tablelands. There are spots available for rigs of all sizes. You’ll need to scout the area first if you have a low clearance RV due to the bumpy road.

Camping along Owens River Road in Mammoth Lakes

Yosemite National Park and Mammoth Lakes are easily accessible from Owens River Road Dispersed Camping. In the summer, the area is shaded by trees, making it a great choice for some shade. From the camping area, you can access many hiking trails. 

Camping at Sawtooth Canyon in Lucerne Valley

Central California is the location of Sawtooth Canyon Campground. It is a popular spot for rock climbers to climb in Lucerne Valley. It can be a little slow going to get to the campsites because of the well-maintained road. There is a ranger patrolling the area regularly, and it is a free BLM camping area. There is no off-road vehicle access in the area. 

Chiriaco Summit Dispersed Camping in Joshua Tree South

A campground like this one comes to mind when people think of BLM camping in California. Between the south entrance of Joshua Tree National Park and Interstate 10, there is Joshua Tree South Dispersed Camping. The BLM camping is actually visible from the interstate. Coachella Valley is about a 30-minute drive away, making it the perfect location for visiting Joshua Tree National Park.

Julian Dispersed Camping in Blair Valley

The Blair Valley Dispersed Camping Area is located east of San Diego, about 75 miles south of Los Angeles. In the summer, it will be extremely hot since it is in the desert. It is difficult to find level ground along the road and some of the washouts can be rough, so bring leveling blocks with you.

Winterhaven’s historic Tumco Townsite

There is a lot of space in the desert at Tumco Historic Townsite in Winterhaven. Easy access is provided by dispersed camping. This historic town offers little to see, but it’s an excellent location for exploring nearby sand dunes, as well as being near Arizona and Mexico borders.

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