The best RV insurance for full-timers



The best RV insurance for full-timers can be found if we know why full-time RV insurance is different. 


Good Sam RV Club has probably caught your attention, but did you know that they also offer RV insurance? Good Sam offers the most comprehensive full-time RV insurance available. The insurance provided by this company is designed specifically for RVers, helping them save on average $530 a year over other insurers. Awnings and antennae are also covered for permanent attachments. In addition, they can cover your RV if you plan to take it to Mexico. Full-time RV insurance from Good Sam offers extensive coverage and great discounts. 


A large insurance company, Progressive is also a leading provider of full-time RV insurance. Their best discount is disappearing deductibles. Your deductible will be reduced by 25% for every claim-free period on your RV policy, even down to zero. Progressive RV insurance is a great choice if you enjoy saving money. 


Nationwide wants to make RV insurance as affordable as possible. If you need assistance finding discounts or have any other questions, Nationwide offers free “On Your Side Reviews” at any time. The quality coverage and discounts Nationwide offers make them a great choice. 


In spite of their limitations, GEICO RV insurance still offers lots of coverage and discounts. GEICO is known for its low prices, which is one of its greatest benefits. The second cheapest auto insurance in the US is GEICO, behind only USAA (available only to military members). Full-time RV insurance from GEICO is a great choice if you’re looking for an affordable policy with a high rating.


From the largest auto insurer in the US, State Farm RV insurance has a lot to offer full-timers. With great customer service and competitive rates, they offer solid coverage. It is one of the best options on the market for full-time RV insurance since it offers affordable rates, a wide range of coverage, and excellent customer service.

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