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RVs undergo changes as people move across the country. The quality, taste, and purity of local water are vital. Even before bacteria and viruses reach your drinking vessel and RV faucet, some RV water filters prevent them from entering. RV water filters reduce sediment, bad smells, odors, and unpleasant tastes today.


The price you pay for many things is usually worth it. Water filters for RVs range from the most basic to the most advanced. Budget, travel location, and unfiltered water preference are also factors to consider.

Camco TastePure

The Camco TastePure is an ideal solution for those who visit the same campsites repeatedly and want to enhance the taste of their drinking water. With its easy installation, flexible hose, and 20 micron sediment removal, it is a great value for the price.

Frizzlife SP99

A Frizz Life SP99 water filter doesn’t need to be installed permanently or stored when you’re on the move. There are three stages of filtration and an additional faucet for users to pour cold water while hot water is being used for dishes.

Waterdrop Inline

At Inline RV water filters offer impressive filtration levels for such a reasonable price. Four layers comprise this system, which claims to remove suspended solids, large particles, odors, arsenic, heavy metals, chlorine, and kinetic energy from water degradation fluxion. The hose is versatile, anti-kinking, and easy to install.

Camco EVO

Camco EVO water filters offer great value in comparison to inline filters. Despite its moderate price, this product offers excellent value for its high filtration level, ease of installation, and quality construction. 

Clearsource Ultra

RV drinking water is virtually risk-free with Clearsource Ultra. It removes sediment and rust using a 5.0 micron filter, chlorine and volatile organic compounds with a 0.5 micron filter, and bacteria and viruses with a third stage. Premium RV water filters have bulletproof construction and stainless steel fittings.

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