The best type of RV for full timing



The RV types you should consider will depend on your travel plans, your space needs, and your budget. A variety of models and floor plans are available for each type of RV. Be honest about what you want, need, and plan. Considering RVs can be overwhelming and sidetracked. Changing plans can lead to a change in RV type. You won’t own just one RV once you buy one. RVs can save you money and enhance your experience.


Traveling in a motorhome is comfortable. RVs are great if you plan to travel a lot. RVs like motorhomes are popular with full-timers. A motorhome can be small or large, expensive or cheap. Motorhomes eliminate towing responsibilities, despite their size. Most people do not want to do the hookup, unhooking, towing, and maneuvering of a trailer. Most people will only have a motorhome; they will not tow a vehicle. With a large motorhome, exploration and errands can be more difficult. Large Class A motorhomes can also be expensive to maintain and repair. Motorhomes might not be the right choice for you if you don’t travel much. Motorhome drives sitting stationary nearly all year may not be reliable enough to rely on them for daily transportation.


There is no better RV than a van. Still, they’re not for everyone. Vans provide a new level of downsizing. Campervans aren’t typically used by families. Vans are small, but versatile. Others live in deserts and mountains secluded from society. Vans, particularly 4WD vans, can take you places that towables or motorhomes can’t. In many cases, camper vans are quite fancy and self-contained. Getting away with a campervan is the best way to do it. A van lifestyle will appeal to active people who spend a lot of time outside. Unlike RVs of any kind, vans have a wide range of options. The lack of showers and toilets in many vans is due to space restrictions. The decision to go full-time in a van requires some consideration, however.

Fifth wheels/Travel Trailers

Most full-timers are towables. Full-time living is possible in many sizes and models. Just like you likely do now, towables come with homes and separate vehicles. Towables can be the most house-like RV for families, as they provide room for working, sleeping, and storing. More and more fifth wheels are designed for full-timers. Increasingly, they offer living areas, well-equipped kitchens, and office space.

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