The cheap heat system: what does it do?


The add-on item, Cheap Heat, is compatible with the furnace system in your RV. works with either 120 or 240-volt AC systems and instals straight after the current propane furnace. In the RV, tungsten heating coils and the furnace’s 12-volt DC fan are used to disperse hot air throughout the distribution ducts. 1,800 Watt, 3,750 Watt, and 5,000 Watt systems are the three different kinds of Cheap Heat systems. Your RV will be heated to a cosy 70°F when the outside temperature drops to 10°F.

The safety features of cheap heat

RV Comfort Systems President Larry Mcgaugh adds that in addition to the bi-metal high-limit safety switch connected into the coil assembly, a fusible link inside the heating coils burns themselves out if they are overheated. The heater will totally cut off as soon as the fusible link burns out, avoiding the start of potentially disastrous fires. You may simply repair the fusible link for approximately $15 after the issue that led to it burning out has been resolved. The controller also has a seamless method for controlling power irregularities.

You should know the following:

Direct-flow or ducted heating systems in RVs are compatible with Cheap Heat. To determine the unit you need, first determine the year, make, and model of your RV as well as the heater model that it has. Then, compare those details to the compatibility list that the manufacturer has given.

The same goes for installing a Cheap Heat System; it is advised that you hire a licenced RV technician to do it instead. RV Comfort Systems advises selecting an RV dealer that provides Cheap Heat Systems for installation to make this as simple as possible.

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