The essential RV outdoor accessories for a great time



We have rounded up some of the best RV outdoor accessories that you will want to have while enjoying quality time with your family and friends.

Camping chairs

The best part of living the RV life is spending a lot of time outdoors. We use our campfire chairs when working outside on the laptop or just relaxing in the great outdoors. Although camping chairs can get pretty fancy, we still have good ol’ fashioned monomesh and polyester chairs with cup holders. There is nothing else you need!

Outdoor mat

Our outdoor mat serves as an extension of our home and is a great place to relax. During the warm months, we use our outdoor living area for play, cat sunning, and an outdoor living room. It even holds folded clothes! We wouldn’t be able to survive without it. You can store it in the basement whenever you move. Our outdoor mat quickly became a necessity after we got it!

Grill & Griddle

A hot or stuffy RV kitchen can make cooking uncomfortable. Getting our Portable Gas Grill and Griddle Combo was like saying goodbye to our tiny indoor kitchen. When it’s bad weather, I cook inside when it’s too cold to grill or griddle. It’s easy to cook on the stovetop or in the oven with this setup! It comes apart easily for easy storage when travelling. The oven produces delicious food. Without it, RV life would not be possible! 

Portable propane fire-pit

When you camp every night, having a campfire can get a little boring. If you wish to sit under the stars with some warmth, you will need to gather wood, start a fire, and extinguish it. You can solve this problem with a propane fire-pit! This product is easy to use and convenient to use. At night, a propane fire can be easily lit and extinguished. They are also ideal for making big bonfires with neighbours and are an excellent addition to any camping trip. Fire pits should be brought with you.


Ever since we began RVing, we have loved our hammock. The hammock is Ross’s sleeping place whenever he goes hammocking overnight while backpacking. There’s nothing better than relaxing in it, watching the kids play in it, or swinging from the swings. The ENO hammock we bought years ago still looks the same after years of use. Our campsite is not complete until the hammock is hung!


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